2017 Alphabet Academy Tuition and Attendance

In an effort to work with the needs of today’s families, we offer full-time and part-time tuition and attendance.  Full-time tuition and attendance receives a two week annual vacation benefit after two months of paid care.  Part-time tuition and attendance is a contracted commitment and requires weekly payment.  All enrolled children are provided with diapers and wipes during attendance.  Families with multiple children enrolled receive a 5% discount on their total tuition.

Tuition is based on the child’s age and not assigned classroom.  A non-refundable, one-time family registration fee of $75 is due on the first day of attendance.  Tuition payment is expected on the Monday of the week of care.  We accept cash, money order and checks.  We encourage parents to take advantage of their bank bill payment system and set up automatic regular weekly payments that are submitted to Alphabet Academy via postal mail or direct deposit.

2017 Tuition rates are as follows:

Infant and Toddler (under 2 years of age)·       $234 / week, full-time

·       $49 / day, part-time

2-year old·       $214 / week, full-time

·       $45 / day, part-time

3-year old·       $204 / week, full-time

·       $42 / day, part-time

4 and 5-year old·       $194 / week, full-time

·       $40 / day, part-time

Pre-School Only (3 to 5-year old)·       $100 / week; 8:30 – 11:30 am, Monday – Friday

·       $20 / day, 8:30 – 11:30 am

·       $6 / day, Lunch Bunch (option for preschool child to stay and eat lunch with class); 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

School Age (K – 5th grade)·       Alphabet Adventures: summer care with weekly themes, sack lunch required, $150/week

·       School year: care is considered on a case by case basis; includes all early outs and days off during school year;   $75/week